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They own a nha nghi, a cheap guesthouse, and their first step was to raze the construction to the ground. It took a month. The dust and the noise was intolerable. But I was away, so it was my family who suffered with the pain. When I arrived back the work had stopped and all that was next to me was a flattened building. Our balcony overlooking the place was heaven. A cool breeze, shade in the afternoon, a nice place to work or relax.

Then overnight it restarted. In the early hours of Saturday morning the piles arrived.


The following day the sound of metre long slabs of concrete being driven into the ground was intolerable. So, I popped the question. How will I be able to sleep? Vietnamese pop blasted loud into our house. And the next morning, bang on 7am the work started. As loud as can be. Once again I was ignored. Then I got angry. To Accept and Not to Accept Like everyone living here I understand the way this country is changing; the expansion of the cities, the drive to bring Vietnam into the modern, developed world.

So, I understand the need to build — to build out and to build high. I also understand how noise levels are high here. This is a noisy country. What I find hard to accept is the lack of concern for residents, the people affected by the noise and the debris of construction. Vietnam has strong, employee-friendly labour laws. Yet when it comes to legislation to protect the rights of the resident, there is almost nothing.

It requires a disaster for anything to be done.

Đại Nhạc Hội Tôn Vinh Chữ Nước Ta, Vinh Danh Quân Lực VNCH - Cộng Đồng - Việt Báo Daily Online

Many years ago I lived in an apartment block in District 1. Next door a new office block was being built.

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Deliveries of construction materials took place every evening after 9pm. Then the workers would continue throughout the night. We complained, we shouted, someone threw rocks, but nothing could be done. It was only when the bottom apartment. The police got involved, the story hit the press, the TV cameras turned up and the building work came to an abrupt halt. All the residents were evacuated, and for the week we had to spend living elsewhere, we received compensation — VND12 million per household.

After that the construction company were much more careful with their work. No overnight shifts. And certainly nothing that affected the residents next door. His apartment lies directly opposite the construction of two new tower blocks. So I created a spreadsheet and showed the landlord how much money he would lose if the apartment remained empty. I also explained how impossible it would be to find a new tenant. Eventually he reduced the rent.

Or maybe, as I've been told, just accept it. But our chances of the building being constructed with a modicum of respect for the people living next door is slim. That is wrong. Presenting the poetic beauty of Vietnamese village life through the use of physical, circus-style theatre bamboo poles and 20 folk instruments played live, the performers create a constantly moving and changing architecture of life in a traditional Vietnamese village. For more information, see our article on Lang Toi on page Come and watch the next generation of classical music talent dazzle you with their energy, talent and charm.

The concert starts at 7pm on Thursday Aug. Ticket prices. Prices are VND, at the door, and include a draft beer. To see our article on Storytelling Saigon, turn to page The fifth annual Viet Pride returns to Hanoi with a four-day schedule that includes speed dating, film screenings, talks, workshops, a rally and naturally, a party or two. Put together in cooperation with numerous civil rights and LGBTQ organisations, and supported by the Goethe-Institut and various embassies, the event will culminate with a Pride rally on Sunday Aug.

To see the full schedule, click on vietpride. Beer, food, music, a climbing crate stacking competition, drinking gamesand lots of fun. For info go to facebook. With more than performances in Europe since it premiered in , Lang Toi, or My Village, is equal parts circus and ballet as it depicts the communalism of rural living to the backdrop of calming traditional music and high-octane acrobatics. Actors hop off one another and onto the set as their colleagues toss objects from one dancer to the next, never missing a throw or hitting someone.

The play is centred on its omnipresent bamboo poles, symbolic for their use in construction. Dancers rhythmically swing and pass the polls as they slowly build a structure over the course of the show. The focus on dark, ordinary objects — albeit carefully designed. Rich emotions of spirituality, love and fear also predominate the generally speechless performance. The music blends instruments not often heard in modern Vietnam, including the dan moi mouth harp from the Central Highlands.

With the old instruments long out of fashion for aspiring musicians in Vietnam, Minh says his infusion of traditional music has helped to modernise the local arts. While for the past seven years the show has toured the world to critical acclaim, director Tuan says it is a joy to be back in Hanoi for.

For reservations email reservation luneproducton. In July, Business Insider released a report stating that Vietnamese students are the only outliers from a low-income country to perform at the same level as students from rich countries on international tests, thanks to the productive education system. Many students, when they get to higher education, may choose to study abroad for their university Bachelors or Masters degree while also perfecting their second language.

For these study-abroad locations, you can find Vietnamese students all over the. But, what about some of the lesser-known study abroad destinations? Long and Winding Road Liverpool, England is a city famed for many things; its two football clubs, a proud industrial history, The Beatles, and a large international community. However, Liverpool is only home to 1, Vietnamese nationals, with just one restaurant dedicated to pho. A large fraction of this population are students who chose this industrial, port city in which to study English. So, why Liverpool?

Minh Pham name changed moved to the UK with her husband four-and-a-half years ago to study for a PhD and the couple plan to. I feel I have more freedom here to be who I am. Penny Lane The draw of the city lies in the cheaper cost of living than London, where rent and transportation can amount to three times the price of that in Liverpool.

There is. There is not a lot of authentic Vietnamese cuisine or culture in Liverpool, even though the city is home to many other nationalities and communities, meaning that it offers a full immersion away from the comforts of Vietnam. But that can also be frustrating for many students, or at least cause occasional homesickness. Most of his Vietnamese friends are also postgraduate students, and there are only about 15 of them in the school. Twist and Shout One of the reasons students may choose not to study in Liverpool is that the locals are notorious for their hard-to-understand accent and dialect, known as Scouse.

This harsh accent can be extremely difficult for people speaking English as a second language, as it sounds like a whole new language itself. Mai Anh Dang from Hanoi is also studying her MSc in marketing at the University of Liverpool, and has lived there for nine months so far. Life here goes at a slow pace. Will Liverpool ever become as popular with Vietnamese students as it has proved popular with students from China, India or even Mexico? Only time will tell. I mean the muddy shores of the Red River.

This is a fun excursion; fields of basil, forests of banana trees, and friendly farmers abound. Take Two Unsatisfied, we took a break to regroup over sandwiches. Maybe we were in the wrong stretch of river. We decided to hoof it down to the Vinh Thuy Bridge, where the water is wide and the shoreline is less crowded with vegetation. This drive was less taxing — cross to the north side of the river, hit the dyke road, and then head underneath the bridge to the flat grassy shore. A lovely spot for a picnic, and if you close your eyes, you can pretend the sound of traffic going by on the bridge is actually the ocean.

Back in Tay Ho, there was one more spot we had been resisting, mostly because it cost money VND50, per person , and it seemed too easy. But after all that sweating and cursing and pushing. This was aimed at raising awareness about the issue and involving the entire country in the efforts of working towards eliminating human trafficking.

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation and forced labour is a large issue in Vietnam, as many women are removed from their families and home towns, promised jobs abroad and a consistent income for their family, only to be transported away and never heard from again. It is a hard issue to talk about, not only because of the painful subject matter, but also because the problem at hand is grossly underreported. This means even though we have the statistic that 4, Vietnamese people were. Empowerment Home of Hope is a recently established residential recovery centre that offers a safe location close to Ho Chi Minh City for survivors of human trafficking.

Founder Marie Watson has lived in Vietnam for six years, and has an international history of involvement in projects improving the lives of women. At the home they offer a variety of courses to assist women in their recovery including: individual and group counselling, English. The other programmes are operating on the borders with China, Cambodia and in Hanoi.

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