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My wife likes puzzles. But yesterday, with the puzzle cleared away, it was time for me to do my puzzle—namely, disassemble the mid Mac mini I use as a server, add a speedy flash drive, and reassemble it. The little rpm spinning disc inside the Mac mini was making it painful to use for just about anything—every act, from launching apps to opening Finder windows, was torture. The iFixit kit supplies the hard drive cable, grommets, and mounting screws required to add the flash drive alongside the existing drive.

We reviewed the system settings, disk settings, and created an extra administrator account in case we are locked out again after upgrading to High Sierra. After upgrading to High Sierra, we encountered the same problem, however, the new Admin user was still visible.

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After logging in, it seems that the macOS upgrade just removed our Jenkins user.. We installed Jenkins via the guide written by ved. Then we logged with the new user, which give, as you could have guessed, a lot of file permission errors. The command below was the fix for the privileges.

Mac Mini (2010-2012) aufrüsten: SSD einbauen

The old desktop background appeared, the configurations were loaded and Jenkins started to work again. It took me 3 days to get the our CI back online. Oh, did I mention already we tried to start to recover the full internet? Sign in.

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Get started. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration. I don't need a huge SSD, but I would like a fast one. All the work from this machine is stored on a network except the applications. I don't want two drives in the machine, I only want one, and I want to boot and run programs from the same SSD. Si Brindley. I believe the Mini's "Internet Recovery" will allow you to connect to Apple and download and install Lion directly. All you need is your WiFi key or Ethernet cable :.

I've now done exactly this. I then installed Lion from scratch using Internet Recovery.

What a great feature! Incidentally - this left me without my free copy of iLife. Tiem tiem. Yes, any SSD will work.

Adding a second Hard Drive (SSD) to Mac Mini

Just make sure you upgrade to the drive's latest firmware version after installation. As for OS install, I put the old drive into an external enclosure and booted from its Recovery partition. But I should have researched better.

Best SSD Drives for Mac mini, iMac, MacBook & Mac Pro

David Hodson davidhodson. If all you're doing is replacing the hard drive that's already there, then you're just performing a basic hard drive swap.

A New SSD Is The Cheap Upgrade Your Old Mac Mini Craves – Review Geek

Make sure you've got the right size a standard 2. I personally prefer to just use a Time Machine backup to restore to the new drive. I have become aware that the OS install is quite a bit different for Lion than for Leopard and Snow Leopard, thanks to the other people providing answers. I would trust someone more fluent in Lion than myself for OS install tips, but my answer about the physical hard drive is still correct.

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Check this out , everyone! Pretty slick, isn't it? Those are ThunderBolt speeds! And some of the better ones at that!

This is off-topic, but boy does the extra 4GB make a difference when you're dealing with the OS paging to the rpm stock drive. Doesn't have to be OWC's. It can be a couple of OCZ's or a set of Intel drives. Incidentally, if anyone has any questions about OS X I have been using Lion exclusively since Dev.