Pc how to get mac address

Most computers let you see this list of addresses that ARP has collected. However, it only works within the small group of computers on a local area network LAN , not across the internet. ARP is intended to be used by system administrators and is not a typically useful way to track down computers and people on the internet. Start by pinging the device you want the MAC to address for:.

You will want to use a local address, so if your network is The ping command establishes a connection with the other device on the network and should show a result like this:. Use the following arp command to get a list that shows the MAC address of the device you just pinged:.

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In this example, the IP address is To find the MAC address of the device connected to your router, assuming you can access the router's administrative control panel, log in and check for connected devices. This opens your network settings. It's the final section in the window. Method 2. This method is only applicable if you are currently connected. Click on the connection icon in the system tray. It may look like a small graphic see above image , or like a tiny computer monitor.

After clicking on it, select "Open Network and Sharing Center". In Windows 8 , run the Desktop application in your Start screen. Once you're in Desktop Mode, right-click on the connection icon in the system tray. Find the name of your network connection and click on it. It will be located right after the word Connections. This will open a small window.

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Click Details. This will open a list of configuration information about the connection, similar to what appears when you use the IPConfig tool in the Command Prompt. Method 3. Open Network Connections. If you don't have a desktop icon for this, find the connection icon in the taskbar the lower right-hand corner of the Windows toolbar and click on it to either bring up your current connection or a list of available networks.

Note that, in some versions of Windows, this may be under the Support tab. Method 4. Open the command prompt. Run GetMAC. This will display configuration information for all of your network connections. Look for Physical Address. This is another way to describe your MAC address.

Make sure you get the physical address of the correct network adapter - usually there are several listed. For example, your wireless connection will have a different MAC address than your Ethernet connection. Method 5.

2. Find Your MAC Address Using The Network Settings

Open System Preferences. You can find this by clicking on the Apple icon on top left corner of your screen. Make sure that you are currently connected to a network using the connection that you want to find the MAC address for. Select your connection. Select Network and choose either AirPort or Built-in Ethernet, depending on how you access your network. The connections are listed in the left frame. For Ethernet, click Advanced and navigate to the Ethernet tab. Method 6. This can be found by clicking the Apple menu.

Select the connection from the Show menu.

Get mac address from command line (CMD)

The Show pull-down menu will list all of the connected network devices. Select either your Ethernet or AirPort connection. Once you've' selected the connection in the Show menu, click on the applicable tab Ethernet or AirPort. Method 7. Open the terminal.

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Depending on your system, this might be called Terminal, Xterm, Shell, Command Prompt, or something similar. It can usually be found in the Accessories folder in your Applications or the equivalent. Open the interface configuration.

If you are denied access, enter sudo ifconfig -a and enter your password when prompted. Find your MAC address. Scroll until you find your network connection the primary Ethernet port is labeled eth0.

How to Locate Your Ethernet MAC Address

The three common ways to launch the Command Prompt window are:. Back to Top. There are a variety of switches sub commands available with the getmac utility that will alter how it will function. At the most basic, the getmac is used without any switches enabled to displays a the MAC address of all network adapters of a computer. To get the MAC address of the network adapters or NIC for short in your computer, type the following in the command window then press Enter : getmac. The screenshot example below is the getmac output of a particular computer.

The output of your result will differ.

In our screenshot example, it shows the MAC address physical address of two network adapters. The response "Hardware not present" for the other three adapters indicated that they are currrently disabled. A MAC address is made up of six 6 octets. The first three octets indicate the manufacturer of the network adapter.

The getmac utility can also be used to find the MAC address of network adapters on a remote computer. To be able to do this, you will need the following information:. The getmac utility can only remotely retrieve MAC addresses of computers running a Windows operating system only.

If you attempt use this on any other device, you will get the error The RPC server is unavailable. Thus, you will not be able to use getmac on remote devices such as printers, network routers, Android tablets, and wireless access points.