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This program is available to current and former military members and their families. You can visit the Microsoft military discount page to learn more. Microsoft also offers education discounts to students in K and higher education colleges and universities. Discounts are available to students, faculty, and parents. Valid only on select products and cannot be stacked with other offers. You can purchase select Microsoft Office programs and other Microsoft products at a discount at your base Exchange.

These purchases are also tax-free. Retired military? Any scraps for us guys who did it all, and now letting the next generation do it all? This is not a direct discount from Microsoft, this program is around because Microsoft allows other companies to extend their enterprise licenses with their employees so their employees can have access to the software on their personal computers.

This helps companies and employees maintain proficiency and productivity. This is not a free program the government or other corporations. Doing so would come at enormous expense, not to mention the administrative requirements to verify eligibility for those former members. Are we limited on the number of licenses we can purchase? I have three computers I need to download the software to. Is the free download still available for AD? I am having issues finsing an actual place to register and download.

Office Home For Mac

Thank you. So, once the same people that was on the line defending your right not to serve in the military are no longer worthy of a discount. Spent 46 years in the active Army or as a DAC…. I understand your frustration! You will need your CAC to access it. Put that in along with your. I put my. There is no link with it for me to copy and paste so I am stuck! I need help!


Carolyn, try forwarding the email to your personal address and using your home computer. That worked for me.

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Office 2013 costs just $9.95 for some

Learn how your comment data is processed. This site may be compensated through the advertiser Affiliate Program. For more information, please see our Advertising Policy. Visit the Microsoft website to take advantage of this offer. Microsoft Customer Support: Phone: or Microsoft Support Online Chat requires a Microsoft account Be sure to specify that you are trying to purchase Microsoft Office through the Home Use Program and be specific regarding your branch of service. The code is now attached to a Microsoft account. Would need to log into that account from Office to activate.

I can only get office The link on the page after getting the email for Office takes me to a dead link. Hello, I have done this recently. I put a dummy home address somewhere in the USA they dont send you anything via mail they send you all the details and downloads via email.

This takes you to the Office Professional page not professional plus and doesn't appear to be discounted. By default, you can only see the Office , you need to scroll down a bit and click on MS Office Professional Tab and it will come up. I got MS Office , , and via this. Can someone confirm what happens if I upgrade my machine? Can I install the office on a new machine or do I lose it? So long as your company is a member of the Home Use Program you can definitely download and access "it" not sure if "it" is office or office You used to be able to download an ISO and use a serial number.

Microsoft Office 2013 for mac free (Download in the description)

So even if you moved companies you could still install and use it. That was in the days of office With office I'm not sure though. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Computing Software. This was posted 6 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

Go to Deal. Computing Microsoft Software. Automatic Update? Sounds amazing… Let me try to update hmmm.

Microsoft Office available for home use | Western Today

I would be complaining! It's the reason I've been chasing a version. Mac version is cheaper than the Windows version? Way to look after your customers, Microsoft! Probably because the Mac version is lacking. Especially Outlook for Mac.

Microsoft Military HUP Code Not Working

Mac is worse? Because outlook for windows has some pretty stupid legacy limitations. When it comes to legacy, your limitation is someone else's continuing usability.

So does MacOS. I doubt many people will miss Publisher or Access. I'd miss MS-Access. I use it to keep track of my comments and how many -ve votes. Yep… Excel macros under windows don't always work the same on a Mac. Very annoying.

I remember prices were in the hundreds? I get free use at home, so yes…it's not the cheapest RRP of Office has always been high for standalone editions. Problem you have to work for them to get it for free. What if I change jobs?

Microsoft Office 2013 available for home use

Exactly therefore this deal is better when you are out of work. I have been there. Just use LibreOffice or stick with Office I am also with the government. The Phantom Governing. State Government here. For general home use, definitely see no reason to buy MS Office.

No, it's not and you don't have to sign into Office.

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MS account is an alternative activation method. Yes same here "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found. I think the broken link is due to a typo in the URL.