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Brilliant to see you around. Mrs Magpie , Oct 28, Hi Mrs M! I've only just got internet at home out here so I'm checking in occasionally see radio sticky, I know you like the wireless! Citizen66 , Oct 28, But yeah, roms not always working is pretty much standard fare with mame. Welcome back. Yeah there's quite a bit of trial and error involved but obviously worth it in the long run. I quite fancied getting a console with the roms already loaded on it.

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But the one I saw doesn't seem to be available any more. Can't even remember the name of it I just saw someone had one at work. Three possible issues: 0. Update to the latest 0.

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You need these too. Easiest approach is usually to just get the whole lot, it's only 28GB ExtraRefined , Nov 1, Yeah the full mame torrent is out there. Takes a while but it saves you loads of time in the end.

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Sunray , Nov 2, Corax , Nov 2, Get the MAME32 emulator from a trusted source. The roms are just data, can't harm your system. Mame is an open source emulator built to recreate the hardware of old arcade games on your modern computer.

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The main focus is on documenting the old hardware and the heritage of old arcade games in order to avoid the will be forgotten. On macports the availabe port to install MAME is mame. Generally we try to stay in track with the last release upstream.

Once the port successfully installed, what you're going to have is an executable called mame Now, to be able to run the ROMs, we need to build the right filesystem tree in a directory. What I generally do is to create a directory in the root of my home, called, very originally, mame. That is the folder where MAME stores the configuration files.

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  • In the MAME initial dashboard you won't see much for the moment Let's try to put something to play with :. Generally, to play the most famous titles, you'll need a specific BIOS, i. The problem with this kind of BIOSes is that in general they're under copyright and you're not allowed to run them.

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    • As you can see they're free for non-commercial use. Alien Arena was developed by Duncan Brown in to run on the classic Williams hardware.

      Setup, Preferences & ROMs

      It is a "capture the flag" style game with a number of interesting twists. It was even put on location, but, well, Duncan explains all this in his readme.

      Best Mac emulators guide: The obligatory warnings bit

      Here's an excerpt of the history: By , I had reverse-engineered the hardware used in Williams' games to the point where I had essentially created a "programmer's guide" for it. Destiny called, I had to write a new game from scratch for this great hardware! My original intent was to end up with a conversion kit that was more user-friendly than most remember this was back when conversions were just starting to come into existence, long before JAMMA, and most of them were a complete mess to install.

      No messy wiring, board modifications, etc.

      My production costs would be low, my sale price could be high. Over the course of a year, I wrote "Alien Arena". I could test out my code without the slowdown of programming and erasing a bunch of EPROMs all the time. When I was done, I assembled it into an ex-Stargate cabinet, and put it out in the arcade I owned at the time. I made a few modifications mostly to the computer-player AI based on feedback from customers.

      I cannot say it was an immense hit.